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Scarsdale diet information

The Scarsdale diet was devised by Dr Herman Tarnower in the 1970s. It is a seven to fourteen day diet plan that uses artificial sweeteners and herbal appetite suppressants. There is a strict diet program to follow which allows fruits, vegetables and lean animal fats and no snacking.

The Scarsdale Diet was one of the first low carbohydrate, low calorie diets and any weight loss that is seen on this diet is the result of the low calorie intake (about 1000 calories) and not the supposed 'chemical reactions' as claimed. Like the Atkins diet there is a large initial weight loss which is mainly water. The Scarsdale diet claims it can have a weight loss of one pound per day. The Scarsdale diet doesn't recommend any exercise as part of the diet plan especially for those over 40 this is due in part to the low calorific value of the diet plan.

Scarsdale Diet : Reasons for

  • Rapid weight loss
  • Easy Plan to follow
  • No limit on portion size

Scarsdale Diet : Reasons against

  • Weight loss is mainly water not fat
  • Very strict diet plan
  • Weight is quickly regained
  • Herbal appetite suppressants can be dangerous
  • Low in many vitamins and minerals

Scarsdale Diet : Verdict

The Scarsdale diet is like most low carb diets and will help you lose weight over the 7 to 14 day diet plan. It is however unhealthy and as in the Atkins diet the weight that is lost will soon be regained once the diet is finished. There are other low carb diets available which are less restrictive about what you can eat.

An example of a classic 7 day Scarsdale diet plan is available here.You can have a look at the Scarsdale Diet Book here.

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