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Hollywood diet information

The hollywood diet is a type of fasting diet that relies on a 'miracle juice' which is the only thing that can be drunk during the 48 hour duration of the diet. The 'miracle juice' is derived from plant juices that is supposed to be a scientifically formulated blend of minerals, vitamins and anti-oxidants that cleanses the body of toxins. Apparently this will cure a whole variety of ailements caused by modern day living. These ailements range from skin problems and bad breath to depression and illness. You hope it would cure all these as it costs around $20 per bottle. The hollywood 48 hour miracle diet also claims weight loss of up to 10 pounds in 48 hours

Hollywood diet : Reasons for

  • Should lead to some temporary weight loss
  • As a one off detox it is not too unhealthy

Hollywood diet : Reasons against

  • Expensive
  • Weight comes straight back on once diet finishes
  • Intense food cravings
  • Can cause dizziness and cramps

Hollywood diet : Verdict

The Hollywood diet is like most fasting diets there will be a weight loss if followed for 48 hour. However the weight loss is mostly water and will return when the diet finishes. The idea that 48 hours will give genuine results for weight loss is laughable. This diet should not be followed and is just a very expensive way of achieving some water loss.

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