SlimFast is a meal replacement diet that relies on two SlimFast shakes for breakfast and lunch and a normal meal for dinner. Each SlimFast shake has about 240 calories and with a normal meal the diet should have a daily intake of 1000-1200 calories. The Slim Fast shake contains added vitamins and minerals in attempt to make up what would be eaten in the two missed meals. The Slim fast diet will help you lose weight due to its low calorie content.

SlimFast: Reasons for

  • A good diet for the more overweight dieter
  • One of the simplest diets on the market
  • Fast weight loss
  • Convenient
  • You get to eat real food with this diet

SlimFast: Reasons against

  • SlimFast shakes and snacks can become repetitive especially if you don’t have a sweet tooth
  • Does not teach good eating habits
  • Expensive

SlimFast: Verdict

The SlimFast diet is a good option for the seriously obese dieter as it is an easy option that will lead to quick results. It is not a good option for the average dieter as it doesn’t teach healthy eating habits and a meal replacement system is not a viable long term diet. It is however a healthier option than having a fast food meal or skipping and to be fair it is very simple to follow.

The Slim-fast Body, Mind, Life Makeover

The Slim-fast Body, Mind, Life Makeover
~Lauren Hutton
Hardcover – 1 May, 2000

Other than pushing Slim-Fast products, the nutrition, exercise, and motivational advice found in these 350-plus pages is pretty sound. Written by a team of nutritionists and actress-model Lauren Hutton, the book includes a 14-day, 1,400- to 1,500-calorie meal plan, inspirational quotes, exercise strategies, recipes, and plenty of space to record your weight, rate your hunger, and write down your feelings. There’s also a chapter devoted to nutrition basics, another chapter on exercise and relaxation, plus plenty of Slim-Fast success stories to keep you going when the thought of drinking yet another shake makes you gag.